WTF is CEO Yeah!? 


CEO Yeah! is an in-person, intimate retreat experience for female-identifying business owners. 


It’s a unique opportunity to recharge, get re-inspired + connect face-to-face with a real-life community of other badass lady-bosses. Spend a few days away from your daily grind + learn how to earn more money, work less hours + confidently take your business to the next level by becoming the CEO!

Each CEO Yeah! adventure combines practical business-building workshops with plenty of down time for self-care + relaxation-- all in one magical location. In addition to learning new skills that will help you level up your business, you’ll also enjoy networking with other online-bosses + participating in specially-curated activities based on your specific destination.


We believe work should be fun + self-care should be taken very seriously.

 CEO Yeah! is an opportunity to invest in both your business + yourself at the same time. 



Hey, I’m Stephanie Gilbert, the CEO of Small Talk Social, a boutique social media agency for lifestyle brands + the founder of CEO Yeah!

Like you, I desperately wanted to build a life on my own terms, work on my own schedule + be my own boss. So, I decided to take a leap + leave my 9-5 to become a freelance social media manager.

However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was only one person with 24 hours in a day. After eagerly signing on just a few clients (and asking for way too little) I found myself both physically + mentally unable to take on any more work. I'd hit a financial ceiling, I was constantly in the weeds, doing everything on my own-- unable to grow to the next level.

How was I supposed to get to that “6 figure business” holy grail that I left my safe, cushy job for if I couldn’t personally manage anymore clients?! How was I supposed to work on my own terms + on my own schedule when I felt like a literal prisoner to the business I’d created?!

I finally decided it was time to level up. There was no way that I could meet my personal + financial goals if I kept working like an employee in my own business...


So, I became the CEO.

I raised my prices, hired a team, and quickly scaled my business from solo-freelancer to a six-figure agency in less than 9 months!  

I figured out a formula to earn what I wanted-- without working myself into the ground. I discovered that it actually is possible to work on your business versus in it, to do less + make more!

Of course, I wanted a way to share what I’ve discovered with you.

So that’s why we’re here.

CEO Yeah! was born out of the desire to create more IRL (in real life) educational experiences + foster deeper personal connections between female business owners.

The more digital our worlds become, the less connected we actually are.

As much as I love delivering content + sharing what I know online + via social media, it's extremely hard to replicate the energy + the transformations that can take place when you get a passionate group of like-minds together in the same physical space.

The only word I can think to describe it is… MAGIC.

My hope is that you when you attend a CEO Yeah! adventure you come away with so much more than a few practical, business-building strategies. I want to facilitate long-lasting change in you as the owner of your business as well-- to truly empower you to become the CEO you know you can be.