hey, guess what? you're a total boss.

You've taken the leap that others only dream about, you've started your own business!

But maybe you aren't feeling very "boss" at the moment. 


You started this business so you could live on your own terms.

But now you’re grinding. You’re hustling. You're doing everything yourself-- so there’s not a lot time left over for the dream life you once imagined.



You’re ready to take things to the next level.

Ready to do less + earn more.

You just aren’t quite sure what your steps should be…



What if there was a way for you to learn practical, proven strategies that will change your business for the better-- while at the same time, indulge in some much needed self-care?  

What if you could connect IRL with a group of like-minded female entrepreneurs who 100% understand what you're going through + can add value to your experience by sharing their own journey? 

What if you could dramatically alter the trajectory of your current business, simply by investing in a magical boss vacation?


Hold up, I have just the thing!


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ceo yeah! is an in-person, intimate retreat experience for female-identifying business owners.

It’s a unique opportunity to recharge, get re-inspired + connect face-to-face with a real-life community of other badass lady-bosses. Spend a few days away from your daily grind + learn how to earn more money, work less hours + confidently take your business to the next level by becoming the CEO!

Each CEO Yeah! adventure combines practical business-building workshops with plenty of down time for self-care + relaxation-- all in one magical location. In addition to learning new skills that will help you level up your business, you’ll also enjoy networking with other online-bosses + participating in specially-curated activities based on your specific destination.


we believe work should be fun + self-care should be taken very seriously. 

CEO Yeah! is an opportunity to invest in both your business + yourself at the same time. 


ceo yeah! is for you if:

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You're ready to work on your business versus in it.

It doesn't matter if you're a graphic designer, a photographer, an event planner, a digital marketer, etc. If you're a female-identifying entrepreneur with an online business + you're ready to scale to the next financial level, CEO Yeah! will teach you how to stop working like an employee in your business, so you can start working on it-- like a CEO! During our time together, I'll teach you the strategies that allowed me to scale Small Talk Social to six figures in 9 months. We'll cover topics such as leadership + team-building, finances, clients, as well as my best practices + processes for juggling multiple clients, a fully remote team, and more!

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 You own an online business but you don't feel like a "CEO".

Oftentimes we focus on the external-- the tasks, the strategies, the numbers, the content. It can seem like you're doing everything right, yet you still don't feel like the boss of your business. At CEO Yeah! we take the inner work just as seriously as the outer work. Not only will you learn actionable, practical strategies you can implement on your business-- but you'll also learn techniques to help you develop a strong CEO mindset, helping you to reach levels of success you may have never believed were previously possible. Move over imposter syndrome + feeling like a fraud-- learn to feel truly confident in your business as a real-deal CEO!

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You feel others "don't get it" when you talk about your career.

Owning an online business isn’t just sitting around on a laptop in yoga pants + a top knot all day. I know that. You know that. But perhaps your family, your BFF, or your significant other doesn’t quite get it. CEO Yeah! let’s you to get up close + personal with women who completely understand the path that you’re on, because they’re taking that route too! The workshops you'll participate in aren’t the only lessons you’ll take away from your CEO Yeah! experience-- all of the women who attend these gatherings have something incredibly valuable + relatable to share as well!

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You want financial + time freedom but you've hit a ceiling.

You know you’ve hit a ceiling in your business when you’re maxed out on your ability to earn more or bring on any new work. If you’re currently turning down ideal clients or exciting projects because you’re too deep in the weeds, it’s time to learn how to work smarter! At CEO Yeah! you'll learn how to scale your business beyond yourself in a way that's not scary or overwhelming. Yep, it’s totally possible to have a 6+ figure business and still have free time to actually enjoy it. Say “no thanks” to the hustle, so you can say “hell yes!” to self-care, time with loved ones, and working on projects that light you up!

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You feel lonely sometimes as an online business owner.

These days we’re more connected than ever before, but for some reason being an online business owner can be super lonely! A big motivation for starting CEO Yeah! was to create more opportunities to look women like me in the eye + let them know they’re not alone. There’s something magical about in-person connection-- you can literally feel the energy! While it's hard to put into words the sort of magic you can expect when you attend a CEO Yeah! retreat, check out these testimonials to hear it straight from the mouths of those who've experienced it IRL! We all become better, together.

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You're ready to invest in your own version of success.

No matter what the words “success” or “work / life balance” mean to you, CEO Yeah! is the perfect way to set those business intentions. Think of attending an IRL adventure as a chance to commit (or recommit) to the life you’ve always imagined living while owning your own business. There's a time to work on your business + a time to work on yourself. CEO Yeah! allows you to do both by offering practical, business-building workshops in magical places, while also encouraging plenty of downtime for self-reflection, self-care, adventure, and play! 




Read the testimonials.


you in?

Every CEO Yeah! adventure is equal parts education, community, and fun.

It's time to close your laptop, take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to play!

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